Everyone should have a Life Transition Plan!

What is a Life Transition Plan and why is it important?

A Life Transition Plan is a user’s guide to the end of your life that is laid out and specified by you in advance.  It is a “road map”, a compilation of all the important information that those whom you have chosen to step into your shoes will need to do their “jobs”.  A Life Transition Plan should include not only the obvious – assets, liabilities, income, expenses, important documents – and the like, but it must also address your wishes and decisions about things that may well occur when you can no longer contribute to the conversation.

Why do I need a Life Transition Plan if I already have a Last Will & Testament?

Older Adults should not just prepare a will, file it with their attorney and then conclude that they have done everything needed to get their final affairs in order.  They need to prepare a detailed Life Transition Plan while they are alive and well.

A Life Transition Plan should be updated regularly.  In fact, I recommend that you update your Life Transition Plan at least every six months and more often than this if you are experiencing rapidly deteriorating health or if you need to add new information – like a new home health care worker’s contract.

Once I have my Life Transition Plan established, whom should I share it with?

A Life Transition Plan should be shared with your adult children and/or with your care givers.  If you are not comfortable sharing this document , at least be sure that  someone knows that the information exists and  provide instructions as to how to access your Life Transition Plan when the need arises (sort of like an “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” instruction).

Where can I get more information about making a Life Transition Plan?

You can find detailed information about Life Transition Plans, including the essential elements that should be included in every Life Transition Plan in my new book, Facing the Finish: A Road Map for Aging Parents and Adult Children.


Sheri Samotin, President
LifeBridge Solutions, LLC
Marina Del Rey, California & Naples, Florida

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