Answer:  We all can expect to age and none of us are immune to health crises that may leave us incapable of properly handling personal financial matters. You want to make certain that someone you have complete trust in (known as your agent) will manage your affairs if you are unable to do so. A Power of Attorney (POA)  is a way to do this.

A Power of Attorney is an extremely powerful document that your agent can use for a variety of Medicaid, estate and long term care planning needs, both foreseen and unforeseen.  Once you choose your agent – someone you have full, total and complete trust in – your Power of Attorney authorizes that agent to act on your behalf to perform such functions as drawing checks on your bank accounts for specific purposes, append signatures to routine correspondence, act as a signatory to real estate closings and buy and sell financial securities.

After your possible incapacity, your agent will be empowered to sign your name and is obligated to act in your best financial interest at all times and in accordance with your wishes.


Paul T. Czepiga, Esq., CELA
Czepiga Daly Dillman, LLC
Newington, Vernon, Wethersfield, CT

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