11 Products That Make Life Easier at Home for Seniors

As your senior loved ones continue aging, health and mobility issues may impede their ability to properly shower, dress, bend to tie shoes, reach a kitchen cabinet, and other simple tasks. These limitations can frustrate them and adversely affect their mood and emotional state.

A variety of personal care items are available to help them continue their daily routines, maintain independence, and lift their spirits.

Simple Personal Care Items for Seniors

Here are 11 personal care gadgets that can help seniors accomplish simple tasks and make their lives a bit easier in the process:

  1. Pill organizers
    Weekly pill organizers can help seniors safely manage multiple prescriptions and supplements. Some pill organizers come with separate compartments for morning, mid-day, and nighttime to alert them to take the correct medication at the appropriate time.
  2. Multipurpose grip aids for small objects
    Grip aids help seniors hold onto small things such as nail files, makeup brushes, Q-tips, etc. They are available in different shapes to meet different needs, especially for seniors with arthritis or other conditions that cause weakened grips.
  3. Dressing stick
    A dressing stick can serve multiple purposes, from sliding cardigans over shoulders to pulling up or taking off socks. A home care professional can help seniors maintain their independence by showing them how to use this device.
  4. Long-handled grabbers
    Long-handled grabbers — also known as “reachers” — come in different lengths and enable older adults to grasp difficult-to-reach items. Seniors simply squeeze a small button in the handle that controls the grasping mechanism at the end.
  5. Long-handled brushes or combs
    Long-handled brushes and combs help older adults with limited arm or shoulder mobility to style and brush their hair.
  6. Easy sock/stocking slider
    Various assistive devices are available for seniors to eliminate the arduous task of bending down to put on socks or stockings. An in-home personal caregiver or occupational therapist may be able to recommend a specific one that works best with socks, nylons, or compression stockings.
  7. Toileting aid with tissue grip
    Specialized aids – including a toilet tissue grip and long handles – help seniors with limited mobility to safely maintain bathroom privacy and independence.
  8. Handles and standing aids
    Placing handles and standing aids around the home — in the shower, near the toilet, at the bedside, on the stairs, and near a favorite chair — will assist your older loved ones as they go about their daily activities. These devices can improve mobility and reduce fall risk.
  9. Long-handled sponges
    Long-handled sponges are great for scrubbing the back, toes, and other hard-to-reach areas during showers or baths. Sponges come with features such as shower poufs and bendable or extendable handles.
  10. Shoehorn
    A shoehorn with a long handle can help older adults put on shoes without needing to bend over.
  11. Button, hook, and zipper pull
    These assistive devices, helpful for seniors with limitations from arthritis, can make buttoning a shirt or zipping up a jacket easier and more comfortable.

In-Home Care Can Help Personal Care Needs

While these personal care items are handy and can help seniors preserve their independence, a personal home care provider might be the best choice for your family. A trusted, professional caregiver will give your senior the confidence and encouragement they need — and provide access to a helping hand if requested.

Our Visiting Angels’ care coordinators are available to discuss your loved one’s home care needs via a free care consultation.

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