Question:  “How do you find out which elder care facilities are Medicaid approved? Is there a list? Are assisted living facilities Medicaid approved or just nursing homes?”

Answer:  There are several ways to find a Medicaid approved facility in your area.  I will have to be general rather than specific because this answer should apply to every state rather than to just one state.

  • First option:  Call a local nursing home and ask if their facility is Medicaid approved.  If not, ask them for the names of any that are Medicaid approved facilities.
  • Second option:  Check with any of your local social service agencies.
  • Third option:  Check with your local hospitals as they refer people to Medicaid facilities each and every day.
  • Fourth option:  Check with the local office of Family Services, the Department of Children and Families or the Welfare agency in your state.
  • Fifth option:  Check with your clergy as they visit their parishioners usually on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.
  • Sixth option:  Check with your friends that may be going through the same search as you are or they have already made their search.
  • Seventh option:  Check with your family physician or the local medical society.
  • Eighth option:  Check with your local assisted living facilities.  Many assisted living facilities are connected to Medicaid approved facilities.
  • Ninth option:  Check with your local health department.
  • Tenth option:  Check your local yellow page directory under assisted living facilities, Medicaid Nursing Homes, Nursing Homes, etc.
  • Eleventh option:  Check on the internet for assisted living facilities, Medicaid Nursing Homes, Nursing Homes, etc.

The above list is probably not exhaustive, but it should give you enough information that should allow you to find what you are looking for with only one or two phone calls.

Hope this helps.

Michael Tucker, Attorney at Law
Altamonte Springs, Florida

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