Here are a few signs that someone needs assistance with elder care matters:

  1. Social activity has decreased and relationships are failing
  2. Participation in activities like; clubs, dining with friends or religious services seems to be diminishing
  3. House cleaning and organization aren’t important anymore
  4. Personal hygiene and appearance is not clean (i.e. clothes are dirty, hair not combed, men not shaving)
  5. Getting behind on bills; mishandling of finances (i.e. purchasing more than one subscription of magazine or newspaper, purchasing from TV, easily donating to would-be scammers)
  6. Driving habit and skills are downright scary
  7. Increase in alcohol consumption
  8. Poor management of pain medications
  9. Changed eating habits resulting in weight loss, no appetite or is missing meals
  10. Inappropriate or obnoxious behavior (i.e. being unusually loud or quiet, paranoid or agitated)
  11. Phone calls are made at inappropriate times or repeat phone calls about the same issues; same conversations
  12. Constantly repeating themselves
  13. Does not participate in holiday and family celebrations or events anymore

If you need help with geriatric care management or other elder care / senior care matters, you can find thousands of Elder Care Professionals from across America on – America’s National Directory of Elder Care / Senior Care Resources for Families.

Heather Frenette, RN, MSN, CMC
Desert Care Management, LLC
Gilbert, Arizona

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