Below are some warning signs that your loved one may need help with their Elder Care:

  1. Deteriorating hygiene or appearance
  2. Erratic or inappropriate behavior changes
  3. Increasing confusion or disorientation
  4. Depression with tearfulness, loss of appetite
  5. Signs of insufficient nutrition, dehydration, or weight loss
  6. Inability to manage money
  7. Friends or neighbors express concern
  8. Inability to manage medications
  9. Unclean or unsafe living environment
  10. Falling, lack of mobility, wandering, or significant vision or hearing difficulties
  11. Wears same clothing more than two days in a row
  12. Difficulty getting out of bed and preparing for the day
  13. Noted changes in short term memory loss

Today’s Answer was provided by Lauren Spiglanin, Founder of Family Connect Care in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.   

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