Aging in Place Means Aging in Your Home

This ultimately applies to everyone on the planet, as we are all aging and will eventually need changes to our home to make life easier and safer.  The best plan for making Aging in Place modifications to your home is, do a little at a time.  Many areas of your home may need adjustments, but if you focus on one area at a time you will be better able to devise a plan for your long-term goal of staying in your home.

Although we all age, Aging in Place doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.  For some, making adjustments to their home is planning for the future.  For some, making adjustments to their home is a more immediate need.  If you are limited physically in some way due to a birth defect, illness, or injury, the Aging in Place home modifications can be a more urgent matter.  However, this still is an individual need for each persons’ individual situation.

Making a list of priorities is a great place to start.  Your Aging in Place professional can inspect your home, and help you decide what areas of your home should be addressed first.  From there, you will experience a more comfortable lifestyle and ultimately a safer environment.  Each step you take to make your home work better for you will alleviate stress, and give you peace of mind.  If wheelchair access is your primary issue, then building ramps will give you the freedom of entering and exiting your home, or wider doorways can allow you to move throughout your home without assistance.  Adding shower rails, seats, or easy-access stalls can add much needed safety, while alterations to light switches or your kitchen design could just make life more fulfilling.  How wonderful would it feel to get that independence back?

After you can perform simple tasks around the home by yourself, you will be able to easily prioritize other areas of the home to help your home once again be a sanctuary of peace and safety.  Your high quality of life is the most important goal to achieve, and your Aging in Place specialist will get you there.

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