If you mean “respite care” in the most general way, that is, finding an alternative source of supervision and assistance for your loved one while you are at work, then you can certainly do that on a regular scheduled basis. You might arrange for a caregiver to come in to your home, or you might find an adult day center in your area. Many adult day centers will provide transportation between the client’s home and the center, and they typically provide one or more meals each day.  In both of these cases, the client or family will need to pay for these services as they are not covered by Medicare.

If the client has long term care insurance, these services are typically covered expenses under the terms or the policy.  Some adult day centers offer a sliding scale payment structure or are subsidized by local or state governments. In some states, clients who are covered by Medicaid are also eligible for services in the community on a regularly scheduled basis as part of a “diversion” or “waiver” program where the goal is to keep these individuals out of nursing homes which are generally more costly. However, since Medicaid is a state run program, you need to become familiar with what is available in your state.

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