Question:  Our family is now dealing with elder care issues for both sets of parents, and we desperately need help with a host of elder care matters, including Elder Law, Geriatric Care Management, Home Care, Medication Management, and Financial Management.  When will include ALL ElderCare Professionals in our State so that we can simply search this one Elder Care website to find ALL the help we need with our family’s Elder Care Matters?  This would truly simplify our LIVES.

Answer: was founded more than a decade ago with one objective in mind:  To provide families across America with a Single Internet Source to help them plan for and deal with their Elder Care Matters.  We now offer families easy access to thousands of Elder Care Professionals across America, and we are continually striving to include ALL competent ElderCare Professionals across the USA.

To this end, we are  now enlisting the assistance of our ElderCare Matters Partner Members to serve as State Coordinators, with the goal of  helping us “Get the Word Out” to ALL Elder Care Professionals in ALL 50 States plus the District of Columbia.  Not every Elder Care Professional who applies will be accepted for inclusion on our website, but we agree with you that ALL competent ElderCare Professionals should be included on – America’s National Directory of Elder Care / Senior Care Resources for Families.

Phillip G. Sanders, MBA, MSHA, CPA
Founder & CEO of ElderCare Matters, LLC

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