Question: I am eighty years old and in excellent health. I have family and friends who can act as executors of my Will and Living Trust. I also have a power of attorney and a Health Care directive However, I don’t feel that they would have the expertise to administer my estate (modest though it is). Do I need an Elder Care Lawyer or an Estate Planning Lawyer to help my executors in the case of a serious illness or my demise? What is the cheapest way to get the service that I need?

Answer:  It is a great idea to have a relationship with an elder law attorney so that your family and friends know who to turn to if something were to happen.  The attorney can help them with decisions if you have a serious illness or require extended care.  The attorney can also help them through the estate planning  process after you pass away.  Creating a relationship with a good elder law attorney does not have to be expensive.  Many attorneys either charge a fixed fee for their help or charge hourly only for the work they do for you.  When you meet with an attorney, he or she can talk about how they charge and help work with you to make sure that you are comfortable with how things would be handled.


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