Answer:  A geriatric care assessment is a useful tool for any family caring for an aging loved one (for an overview of components & the process you may wish to read

What outcomes can one expect from an eldercare assessment?

  • A comprehensive picture of the situation and a solid understanding of current status, future needs and things to anticipate.
  • A road map for moving forward, with very specific recommendations that can be carried out by family/responsible party, or with a care manager’s assistance if desired.
  • Cost projections, budgets and means of assistance with various recommendations and needs.
  • Alternatives so that clients and their responsible parties can prioritize and direct the goals and future care planning.

How does a family or client benefit from a professional geriatric care assessment?

  • COST SAVINGS: expertise to help clients access services and benefits, find less costly options and avoid costly mistakes.
  • TIME & STRESS SAVINGS: benefit from the professional’s knowledge of resources & systems, unique solutions to your concerns.
  • IMPROVED FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS/CAREGIVING EXPERIENCE:  an objective picture helps families to come to agreement and makes caregiving easier.
  • CONFIDENCE:  knowing they understand the options and can make the best choices armed with all the information.

The cost of geriatric care assessment will vary as care managers set their rates independently.  Prices vary by area of the country, expertise/experience and scope of services.  At Aging Wisely, for example, we offer clients a flat rate, comprehensive assessment which covers diverse areas and provides a complete set of recommendations.  At times, we do an even more in depth assessment for legal cases which involved extensive research and confirmation of information from various parties.  However, we also offer families the opportunity to do a more limited assessment of a particular area if that is appropriate to their situation.

A brief, introductory type of assessment may be offered for a rate of $200-300 whereas a more comprehensive assessment may include many hours of work and can be a great value at $500 or more.

Shannon Martin, M.S.W., CMC
Aging Wisely, LLC
Clearwater, Florida  33756

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