“My wife and her 93 year old aunt have been tenants in common in our house for 20+ years. Unfortunately, her aunt fell and broke her hip and wrist a few weeks ago. She is back home recuperating, and my wife is now the de facto full-time care giver. If my wife has to give up her part-time job to care for her aunt, can there be any compensation for this loss of income?”

Answer:  Depending on the law of your State, your wife may be able to, in effect, be employed by her aunt to provide care.  If the aunt does not have the means to pay your wife in cash (Loss of Income), it might be possible to structure an arrangement whereby the aunt can agree to pay your wife out of the proceeds of the eventual sale of the aunt’s share of the residence.  That obligation can possibly be secured by a mortgage on the aunt’s interest in the house.

Scott Makuakane, JD, CFP
Est8 Planning Counsel LLLC
Honolulu, Hawaii

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