Question: My husband is 74 years old and has mid-term Alzheimer’s; I am 60 yrs old. We have been married for 34 years. I am a “burned out” primary caregiver to him, and I work 9 hours, four days a week at an outside job cleaning houses. We are both 8½ years Permanent Residents, and when we came to America he did not show any signs whatsoever of being sick. Does he qualify for any government assistance?

Answer:  Your husband should qualify for Medicaid given his age and disabilities. You didn’t mention his or your monthly income or your family resources. However, assuming his monthly income is less than $2,022.00, assuming his resources are less than $2,500.00, and further assuming your family resources are less than $109,560.00, then your husband should qualify for government assistance. Allow me to add that your current situation as a “burned out” primary care giver is common. It would appear essential to your continued good health that your husband transition into a long term skilled care facility in the near future. I recommend that you contact an Elder Law attorney to assist your family with the asset planning and Medicaid planning that will be required for your husband to successfully qualify for government assistance, while at the same time protecting your family assets. Also, please visit the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services website at for further information and helpful resources. Thank you for your inquiry, and best of luck!


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