Question: My step father is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s (Dementia) disease and becomes extremely violent to the point that none of the facilities in or around our county will accept him as a patient. He’s a big man and my mother and I are unable to control him. He is currently in the hospital. The hospital wants the family to take him back home, but for our own safety we can’t let him return home. He was in an assisted living facility for a couple of weeks prior to admission and destroyed his room, throwing the TV out the window and a bureau through a wall. The facility will not take him back as he needs to be in a “Lock down” facility. Social workers do not seem to be able to help in finding a placement. Would you be able to give some advice as to what we can do?

Answer:  Your family is in a very difficult situation and it appears that you have been unable to find anyone who can help you locate a suitable home for  your step-father as suffering from Dementia.

If you are not able to get help from a state agency as to where he might be cared for, one other thing you can try is to to locate a geriatric care manager in your state who has a specialty in psychiatric  assessments. This person should be able to give you more specific information on the housing options that are available for your step-father.


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