Answer:  Temporary guardianship can be obtained quickly; it is possible to have a temporary guardian appointed the same day the petition is filed. The length of time required for the guardianship process when an emergency does not exist depends upon the availability of information necessary for preparation of court papers, the availability of a judge, the type of notice required to satisfy the Constitution under the circumstances of the case, and the existence of complicating factors, such as disagreement among interested parties, controversial issues, etc. In routine cases the most time-consuming process is preparing the documents and gathering the information for the presentation of the case. It is important to thoroughly investigate the case before filing it, because it cannot be withdrawn later without the court’s permission. One is not permitted to file a frivolous court case and, if the case is filed and later investigation reveals that there is no justification for the case, there can be serious consequences for the petitioner and also for the petitioning attorney.

Once the case is filed, it usually takes from 14 days to two months for a decision to be reached by the court. The fact that a temporary guardianship  may have been appointed does not determine whether a permanent guardian will be appointed.

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