Medicaid Planning Helps Secure Your Future

Planning for long-term care helps you and your family prepare for the expense of home care and preserves your assets for future generations. 

Creating a Medicaid plan enables you to pay for needed care without depleting your hard-earned savings. 


Many people cannot afford to pay for a nursing home or in-home care. You can use your life savings rather quickly when you face these expenses. If you qualify, Medicaid can help pay these costs. When you plan your estate correctly, you save money and ensure the best care. 


Avoid problems and stress in the future by acting as soon as possible to learn about your Medicaid eligibility. Once you have a layout to secure the finances for your potential needs, you can rest easy knowing you have protections in place. 


When you enlist the help of someone with knowledge about the process, you have a higher probability of acceptance into the Medicaid program. Professionals who work in this area know how to help you achieve your objectives and conserve funds. They can provide advice and information on details, such as: 

  • The income rules for Medicaid in Pennsylvania 
  • The requirements for qualification 
  • The correct application procedures 
  • Medicaid-friendly annuities 
  • Asset and income protection for your spouse 
  • Laws governing gifts and transfers of your money 

Proper long-term planning that incorporates Medicaid offers opportunities to preserve assets, pay for care and secure your future. Whether you need assistance now or want to create security down the road, Medicaid planning helps achieve your goals.

“Securing your future starts with a solid Medicaid plan. Our elder law firms can provide the guidance and support you need to protect your assets and ensure you receive the care you deserve. Contact us to learn more.”

James J. Ruggiero, Jr. Esq.

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