Why is it necessary to have legal help during the estate planning process?

Estate planning is a complex job that many people put off for far too long. Some people simply don’t want to recognize that they need an estate plan, and they put off completing this task as a result. Others simply think there’s no need for them to have an estate plan due to their perceived lack of assets, but again this is a misguided approach to estate planning.

Everyone needs an estate plan, and everyone should consider and put together an estate plan — however simple you may want it to be — just in case the unforeseen happens. With all of this in mind, it is also important for people to realize that tackling your estate plan by yourself is often a poor strategy.

You may look up “estate planning” on the internet and think that the tips you get there will allow you to complete an estate plan. You may even get books “for dummies” that say they can help you craft the perfect estate plan. However, in most cases where an individual tries to put together his or her own estate plan, the entire project doesn’t end up the way it should.

This is why legal help is necessary during estate planning. You need someone who has the knowledge of estate planning and experience dealing with estate plan cases to help you with your plan — crafting it so it is compliant with the law, and giving you the advice you need to consider the difficult areas of estate plans that you may not have considered.

Richard B. Vincent, Esq.
Vincent, Romeo & Rodriguez, LLC
Englewood, Colorado

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