Wandering Seniors and Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Memory Loss

Those suffering with Alzheimer’s or most forms of dementia or memory loss have a tendency to wander whether they are at home or in unfamiliar surroundings.They are trying to make sense of the world they find themselves in at that moment.Patients will sometimes leave clues that they are about to wander by announcing that it is time to go home,when they are home. They may get dressed to go to work when they stopped working long ago. Their past memories are now present.

Without warning they may start to wander into forbidden or dangerous areas within their own home care services for elderly.Locked doors can just make an ordinary situation more severe. There are variety of Alzheimer’s wandering products that discourage roaming or alert caregivers when it is occurring. For those suffering with dementia there is HELP.

Clear, easily recognizable stop signs are excellent deterrents. One of our earliest memories in childhood is a STOP sign.Even late stage patients recognize OFF-Limits areas when they see these red and white signs. There is a Fire Rated Door Murals that are approved for commercial facilities as well as home use. One is a picture of a bookshelf that is so real you have to touch it to know that it is a mural.The dementia oriented person no longer sees a door to go through. This is great for hiding utility closets or basement doors.

At night, mattress alarms and indoor motion sensors can alert caregivers of a wandering “loved one”. Patient monitoring pads can also be placed in a dementia person’s chair for daytime observation.

GPS devices are the newest technology.  A true GPS tracking/wandering  device must be secured on the wanderer’s wrist with a locking mechanism. Alzheimer’s patients have a tendency of removing their clothes. The Alzheimer’s Patient can be tracked from any computer,tablet or smart phone.

Regardless of your patients progression or need,whether at home or in a facility there are products that can be a solution to the symptom. We have what you need to keep the caregiver and the patient safe and comfortable.

This week’s Elder Care article was written by Bruce Barnet, CEO of the Alzheimer’s Store in Palm Beach, Florida.  

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