The process is usually initiated with an in-depth consultation, which can be accomplished in person or telephonically. Prior to the consultation, I provide the client with a financial questionnaire to be completed on behalf of the Applicant/Recipient of benefits. Customarily, the goal of my Elder Care Planning clients consists in shielding family assets, while at the same time assisting a family member’s transition into a long term skilled care facility. Once I have gathered all of the family, medical and financial history needed to formulate a plan of action, I provide the client with a comprehensive Elder Law Opinion Letter for a set fee. Once they have had an opportunity to review and consider same, we have another consultation. If the client wishes to proceed with Elder Care Planning, they provide me with a retainer. The requisite actions necessary to perfect the plan are then implemented. I hope you find this explanation helpful. Thank you for your inquiry and best of luck!


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